17—20 DEC 2015


ILUSTRÍSIMA arrives to Museo ABC for the fourth consecutive year. It is a salon where for four days cartoonists and illustrators from different disciplines exhibit and sell their work face-to-face to the visitor.

From Thursday to Sunday, the third floor of our Museum will become a market where illustrators will exhibit their work in a different way, where their works will become objects of collection. The visitors will be able to buy original works at affordable prices from the illustrator himself; a unique opportunity to see their work process.

This year, we count with more than 25 stands where a wide range of different artist will exhibit their work —from the young promises to the most acclaimed illustrators.

This four-day illustration market exhibits skylines of Madrid, live drawing, talks, and workshops. It is held almost coinciding with the start of Christmas because seeing and giving art is always a good idea.

This is the list of artista that will be selling their illustrations during this edition: Ana Cabello, Ana Peñas, Ana Seixas, Anna Grimal, Berta Llonch, Borja González, Diego Lizán, Iratxe López de Munáin, Iria Fafián, Javier Cardo, Javier Sáez Castán, Kike de la Rubia, Luis F. Sanz, Martina Billi, el dúo creativo Morkwork, Nuria Riaza, Teresa Arroyo, Teresa Cabanillas, Yolanda Puig, Patricia Metola, Moi Martos, Xarly Rodríguez and Colectivo Espacio Hueco (Jorge González, Javier Olivares, Pablo Auladell, Riki Blanco, Violeta Lópiz, Javier Zabala, Ed y Valerio Vidali). Students of the Illustrated Children’s Album i with i master: Blanca Cecilia Zavala, Charo del Cura, Taína Almodóvar, Eduardo Masías y Brenda Figueroa.


Besides, this is the first time ILUSTRÍSIMA accepts drawing and illustration proposals from contemporary art galleries that are part of the Asociación Cultural Entorno Conde Duque.Blanca Berlín (Pep Carrió, Jaime Compairé, The Children Pox and Eva Gabrielli); The New Gallery (Fernández Prada, Roberto Coromina and Javi Al cuadrado); Twin Gallery (Rosalía Banet, Tito Pérez Mora and Gema Rupérez).


    Museo ABC