19 MAY — 10 JUN 2017


7th edition of Dibujamadrid. Madrid Cinema Set.

Dibujamadrid has become one of the key programs of the Museo ABC. This project was born in 2011 to group a series of social gatherings and walks in groups through Madrid with notebooks, watercolours and pencils. To honour the art of drawing through a notebook and some pencils. In these seven years, besides visiting different neighborhoods of Madrid, we have also been to emblematic places of the Comunidad de Madrid such as El Escorial, Chinchón, Buitrago del Lozoya, El Paular, La Hiruela or Alcalá de Henares.

Dibujamadrid is curated by Enrique Flores and co-ordinated by Javier Chavarría and consists on theory sessions taught on Fridays at the Museo ABC (conferences about drawing by professional draughtsmen) and tours on weekends to draw all together different spots of the city. The target: to enjoy drawing as a tool of expression and discovery, a new way to look at our surroundings.
Dibujamadrid. Madrid Cinema Set is a new edition where we will visit and draw the spots of Madrid that have been the scenario of films. We will look for the landscapes that were used to narrate the citylife and the exceptional or daily life of its inhabitants. We will follow a series of Spanish films where Madrid was used as Cinema Set.  This selection covers a long period, from the forties of the XX Century to nowadays, and it goes over different neighborhoods of the capital and different history moments of those places. These allows to show diverses audiovisual narratives and their styles, from the neorrealism to the street cinema, that can bring new lecture levels to the visited and draught spaces.  In this edition of Dibujamadrid we will draw the city guided by four experienced illustrators: Jesús Gabán (Madrid, 1957), Raúl (Madrid, 1960), Marta Jarque (Barcelona, 1986) and Pepe Cerdá (Huesca, 1961).



– Rediscover our city, Madrid, drawing different spaces that have been used as Cinema Sets.

– Remark the use of the pencil and the notebook as a tool of expression and discovery.

– Hold a multidisciplinary activity which mixes different arts such as cinema, drawing and illustration.


TOUR 1 / FILM: The Tower Of The Seven Hunchbacks, Edgar Neville, 1944.
This meeting will take place during two days: there is a talk by Jesús Gabán on Friday and on Saturday there is a route searching the environments of the film The Tower Of The Seven Hunchbacks through the Austrias neighborhood.TOUR 2 / FILM: Mi tío Jacinto, Ladislao Vajda, 1956.
This meeting will take place during two days: There is a talk by Raúl on Friday and on Sunday there is a route searching the locations of the film Mi tío Jacinto through El Rastro neighborhood.

TOUR 3 / FILM: Navajeros, Eloy de la Iglesia, 1980.
This meeting will take place during two days: There is  a talk by Marta Jarque on Friday and on Saturday there is a route searching the environments of the street films “of delinquents” in the eighties at the Vallecas neighborhood.

TOUR 4 / FILM: El día de la bestia, Álex de la Iglesia, 1995.
This meeting will take place during two days: There is a talk by Pepe Cerdá followed by a nocturnal drawing meeting on Friday and on Saturday there is a route searching the most noted environments of El día de la bestia.


    To all publics


    Talks: at the ABC Museum Routes: centre of Madrid, Vallecas and Plaza de Castilla


    75 euros

  • It includes: attendance to all social gatherings and routes, notebook, and plates of each event.


    3rd to 19th May. After the registration, there are 5 days to make the payment. After this period, the registration will not be valid. Payments are not refundables

  • 70 people max.


    Museo ABC. 91 758 83 79