Three months course for adults

28 SEP — 21 DEC 2018


Would you like to learn drawing comics? At this workshop we will teach you how to design a comic from the first step to the end.

The course is focused to all adults interested in learning the basic methods of drawing comics, the specific language (the script) and the expressivity  of this world. Students will learn to create characters, to structure pages with the vignettes, texts and balloons, and to create their own cartoon strip. At the end of the course all the cartoon strips will be printed in a small publication, and every student will have a copy as a souvenir of the course and the classmates.


We will do a brief review along this course of the comic history. Some of the most relevant authors and titles (Astérix, Mortadelo, Tintín, Marvel and DC, manga…) will be used as examples to learn the drawing basic methods. The aim is  to be able to give expressivity to the characters, to develop our own style, to adequately compose the vignettes and to realize a correct history narration.

Students will develop some skills to breath life into their characters, being able to provide facial and body expressions and mastering the construction of the pages using: vignettes, diverses perspectives, balloons, colours and all the necessary elements to make their final cartoon strip.

TEACHER: José María Balguerías (Madrid, 1970).


    Aimed to all publics


    Museo ABC


    Fridays from 11 a.m. to 1.30 p.m.


    € 90


    At the Museum reception (in person or by telephone).