15—16 FEB 2020


Pencils, paper and scissors are tools that remind us of our schooldays when we created our first crafts. In this workshop we will use these basic materials again and delve into the fascinating world of the papercut.

The papercut technique was originally created in China, but it spread throughout the rest of the world adopting different names. From the traditional point of view, what distinguishes this technique is that the paper is cut on a single support, so that the final work is not a collage, but an overlay of perforated papers.

The first part of the workshop will be a theory explanation of the technique (presentation and examples). Then, we will learn to illustrate overlaying papers. We will play with the concepts of visible and hidden. We will create 3D scenes overlapping papers that autonomously have no value. At this point, the personal inspiration and creativity of the student arises to make their own illustrated story.

THE TEACHER: MILA GARCÍA (PAMPLONA, 1973) is an artist specialized in telling stories with papers through techniques such as papercut or papercraft.She studied Information Sciences and also Painting and Illustration in Pamplona and Florence. She has created Similarte (, a studio where she mixes her passion for Communication and Art, where she works in editorial and audiovisual projects. In addition, she has organized workshops for children in Pamplona (at the Teatro Gayarre, the Festival Animatic and for the City Council) and workshops for adults as Introduction to papercut held in San Sebastian (in Tabakalera), in Navarra (Escuela de Arte y Superior de Diseño of Corella and the Chundarata de Pamplona bookstore), in Valencia (in the librería 54) and in Florence (in the Boutique Fabriano and the Atelier Santa Croce).

“I love the creative possibilities of small pieces of paper. I love craftsmanship and to take care of every detail to develop original projects that provide differential value”.
– Mila García.


    Students with or without previous knowledge


    Saturday 15: 10 a. m.-2 p. m. and 3-7 p. m.

  • Sunday 16: 10 a. m.-2 p.m.


    160 euros


    15 students


    From December 3rd

  • Book in person at the reception desk until the group is completed. After booking there are 5 days to pay the workshop. After this deadline the book will be cancelled. Non-refundable fee.


    Museo ABC reception desk: Tuesday to Saturday 12 a. m. – 8 p. m. Sunday 10 a. m. – 2 p. m.