guided tours for groups with special needs

15 SEP 2017 — 30 JUN 2020


Museo ABC offers guided tours for groups with special needs, both adults and children. Attending to their needs the Museum is committed to adapt its contents to create a valuable and unique experience for every visitor.

Previous to the visit, teachers have the opportunity to develop a personalised visit for their groups with one of the Museum’s educators. Once in the Museum this same educator will guide your group through the exhibitions in an interactive and personalised way.

The educator will be a member of the company LEMON ArtLab. The educative contents are created in collaboration with the Education Department of the Museum.

Our goal is to offer a guided tour that can be customised for each group so the visit will result in a positive experience for every participant. You can contact directly the education team at

The Museo ABC is a quiet and cozy place, 100% accessible. As a way to get ready for the tour, there is a Visual Guide so participants can know beforehand what to expect from their visit to the Museum.

The dynamic tour lasts 1 hour. A creative workshop can be added to the tour. The participants will be able to put into practice an artistic technique learned during the tour. These creative activities will be designed minding each group’s needs. They can be booked in English or Spanish.


    Groups with special needs, both adults and children


    Dynamic tour: 1 hour

  • Dynamic tour + workshop: 2 hours


    Dynamic tour: €120

  • Dynamic tour + workshop: 180 €

  • Price per group (15 pupils max.) Teachers' visits are free


    Tuesday to Saturday 11 a. m. to 7 p. m.


    At the Museum reception (in person or by telephone): T +34 91 758 83 79 /

  • Further information: LEMON Art Lab:T. 654 06 26 65 /