15 OCT 2019 — 02 JUN 2020 / 04 OCT 2019 — 19 JUN 2020 /


The Museo ABC proposes a drawing course specifically focused to children aged 6 to 12. The aim of the programme is to make them lose the fear to the white sheet and enjoy drawing. During the preschool age they have already expressed their feelings through scrawls and they have had fun with pencils and colours. However, at the elementary school some new fears arise, but in these lessons they will be proud of their skills and they will never quit the habit of drawing!

At Drawing Together we will enrich our imagination. Far from the school discipline we are looking forward to have fun in these classes. At the end of each term we will have created an illustrated album and also our own illustrated tale.

We will begin by drawing simple shapes (squares, circles…) that will help us painting different animals  accomplishing what seemed to be a difficult task. We will use different materials and techniques, focusing on the personal style of each student. The teacher will supervise the work of every student personally, taking into account the age and the circumstances of each pupil.

There will be two groups on Tuesdays and Fridays (10 sessions each). Every child must join one of the groups.

FIRST TERM (10 SESSIONS): Tuesdays from October 15th to December 17 th / Fridays from October 4th to December 20th.

SECOND TERM (10 SESSIONS): Tuesdays from January 14th to March 17th / Fridays from January 10th to March 20th.

THIRD TERM (10 SESSIONS): Tuesdays from March 24th to June 2nd / Fridays from March 27th to June 19th.



    Children 6-12 years old


    Museo ABC


    60 euros/term


    From September 6th, in person at the reception desk until the group is completed.

  • From December 3rd (2nd Term)

  • After booking there are 5 days to pay the workshop. After this deadline the book will be cancelled. Non-refundable fee


    Museo ABC reception desk