embroidery on paper

Workshop for adults

14 MAR 2020 / 28 MAR 2020 /


In this workshop we will learn a new artistic technique to reinterpret images: embroidery on paper. On our activities we like to explore the limits of illustration and in this case we draw on copies of the drawings from the Colección ABC, replacing the brush and ink with the needle and thread.

The Collection houses more than 150,000 original illustrations, and different examples have been selected and reproduced on high quality plates.

The students will be offered this material that has been prepared with a double purpose: to learn the technique of embroidery on paper and, in addition, to get to know part of the rich archives of the Museum.

The workshop will last one day (in the morning and afternoon). First, we will learn the specific materials and tools of the technique. This theoretical basis is essential to start working and will allow the student to be inspired to create his own scenes or use templates to change backgrounds (for example by applying fun geometries). Afterwards, we will begin the embroidery, applying everything learned in the first part, on the different examples of prints of the works of the Collection. The results will be exquisite embroidered illustrations that students can take home.

The students do not need previous knowledge. In addition, the Museum will provide all the necessary materials and tools.

THE TEACHER: LORENA OLMEDO (Argentina, 1979) is a textile artist, trained in plastic arts and specialized in embroidery on images. She has taught various workshops, including the courses of the Prado Museum called ‘Las Hilanderas’ and workshops at the Yolanda Andrés school and at the CEIP La Paloma. Its aim is to teach embroidery as an art discipline, looking for new ways to innovate in both technique and materials, using from old photographs to postcards, canvases and, in this case, illustrations.

*Attention: Due to the success of the first session, the workshop will be repeated for new students. Dates to be confirmed.


    Adults with or without previous knowledge

  • DATE

    Choose one day:

  • Saturday, March 14th / Saturday, March 28th


    12 a. m. - 3 p. m. / 5 - 8 p. m. (6 hours with free lunchtime)


    70 euros


    10 students maximum


    From January, 3rd

  • Book in person at the reception desk until the group is completed. After booking there are 5 days to pay the workshop. After this deadline the book will be cancelled. Non-refundable fee.


    Museo ABC reception desk: Tuesday to Saturday 12 a. m. – 8 p. m. Sunday 10 a. m. – 2 p. m.