18 MAY 2020


The objective of the International Museum Day (IMD) is to raise awareness of the fact that, “Museums are an important means of cultural exchange, enrichment of cultures and development of mutual understanding, cooperation and peace among peoples”. Organised on May 18, IMD has been celebrated each year since 1977. All around the world, more than 37,000 museums participate in the event in 158 countries and territories. International Museum Day 2020 will focus on the topic “Museum for Equality: Diversity and Inclusion”.

The Museo ABC joins the International Museum Day working for you. You can download the list of the ABC Collection, with more than 1500 authors, and choose one so we organize an exhibition specially for you.

Due to the current situation, the IMD2020 will be celebrated with digital and online activities. From the Museum we join this initiative and we offer you the list of the artists of the ABC Collection, you should choose one of them, and we will prepare a short selection of his works.

From May 11th 10 a.m. to May 18th 1 p.m. you can write an email to with the name of the chosen artist and your name/nickname used in social networks so we can tag you. If you want, yo can make a request for someone special and dedicate it!

On Monday, May 18th on the official social networks of the Museo ABC on instagram live and facebook (@museoabc), at stories, you will see videos of these selections of works made for all of you.

The videos will be saved to be seen online or anytime later.
The requests will be attended by order of arrival.