• Exhibition Space

  • Circo ruso. Ilustración para un cartel de Mama Graf, 1989

  • Ceremonial y protocolo. Typeface. Tipos ilustrados, 2004

  • Tweed. Gentleman España, 2014

  • Feria del Libro. La cesta de los libros. Babelia, El País, 2003

  • Pin-Up. Rubita. Ilustración para una baraja de naipes, 2004

  • Portada. Pérez-Reverte, A. El pequeño Hoplita, Ed. Alfaguara, 2010

  • Peter Pan, 100 años de infancia. Babelia, El País, 2002

  • Cadillac, Madriz, 1986

  • Gabriel García Márquez. Babelia, El País, 2006

  • Fanny. Austen, J. Mansfield Park, Ed. Galaxia Gutenberg, 2014

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  • Exhibition Space

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17—10 APR 2015


Our Museum presents a great retrospective Fernando Vicente’s, one of the reference illustrators of our country, artwork and suggests losing ourselves in it. Fernando Vicente. Universes has almost 200 pieces that have marked the recent visual history of our country.

Fernando Vicente (Madrid, 1963) is characterized by the storytelling of his drawings. They are all full of elegance and, occasionally, of glamour, but they are essentially beautiful. Vicente is, before all else, a storyteller able to penetrate the soul of the character portrayed. In his drawings we can find realism, as in pictures, but also the feelings and psychology of the main character of the image.

After more than 50 exhibitions, the show that now hosts the Museo ABC is a great set of some of his most representative works. A tour that shows us more than three decades of work of one of the essential figures in the current creative scene. Composed by two hundred original works, property of the artist, the exhibition includes a large number of portraits of famous characters and illustrations for classic books (Kafka, Jane Austen, Arthur Conan Doyle …). The tour begins with a gaze on the 80’s. The start of Fernando Vicente as an artist. There we find posters from the era, album covers and samples of Madriz y La Luna de Madrid magazine.

He continues his work for the press, culture and opinion wise, and for magazines and covers, national and foreign. In the book section, the exhibition includes covers of editions for adults, but also children’s books and illustrated books. Vincente also haves a close relationship with the world of fashion. It is shown in the show, where illustrations made for the major men and women fashion magazines of our country are exhibited. His passion for the “Pin-Up” aesthetic has led him to work in several books, poker decks and do collaborations with mainstream publications. This exhibition will also feature several series of portraits of famous people, writers and musicians.