04 JUN — 25 OCT 2015


This exhibition includes a selection of original illustrations and sketches made by Rébecca Dautremer (Gap, 1972) for A Bible, the greatest of books.

There is a total of 32 original illustrations that example the different techniques used by the artist: gouache on watercolor paper, wet and oiled graphite, sepia ink on watercolor paper, or a couple of characters’ sketches included in the book.

The exhibition allows us approach to the uniqueness of this illustrator’s work. She renews her art with some of the most technically perfect paintings and illustrations of her career. Not only has polished her technique with gouache, but has also enriched her work with innovations (or new challenges) which reveal her great talent and numerous skills.

With this latest project, Rébecca Dautremer challenges her art boundaries and breaks radically with the stereotyped image of the Bible.

For the illustrator, these founding texts are not only religious, but part of our cultural heritage. Therefore, it brings her look at the famous stories that imbue the history of art, history that have influenced our history and our culture.