07 NOV — 08 DEC 2015


Museo ABC and the publishing house Alfaguara present the exhibition The youngsters learn about the Spanish Civil War with drawings of Fernando Vicente and texts form Arturo Pérez-Reverte. The exhibition includes 32 original pieces that the illustrator from Madrid did for the book that have been just published.

The youngsters learn about the Spanish Civil War, is an ambitious work that arose through the initiative of the publishing house Alfaguara with the intention of bringing young readers closer to the Spanish Civil War by explaining it in a concise, impartial and accurate way; without supportive clichés or easy labels. Arturo Pérez-Reverte and Fernando Vicente have worked for months hand in hand to give rise to this exceptional and unique book, which is now displayed —with the original drawings— as an exhibition.

The work of Fernando Vicente, one of the renowned illustrators of our country, is distinguished by telling stories in each and every single one of his drawings. As a great storyteller, he is capable to penetrate the character’s soul or the recreated situtation. His illustrations are the sum of realism plus feelings and psychology. His work is done in acrylic on paper and he is very perfectionist. Computer is only allowed, on some occasions, in the final phase.