17 DEC 2015 — 08 MAY 2016


Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland turns 150 years old this year. The perfect opportunity for different, national and international, renowned artists to pay tribute to this classic of British literature in our Museum. A tribute that tries to comprehend the literary fiction that Lewis Carroll wrote to try and understand his complex personality that took children’s literature beyond the ceiling. His most representative work is Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland, a work that trespassed the literary frontiers to install into new areas of knowledge, that is why wonder Alice adventures to chase the rabbit to its den.

The show is divided in four chapters: “¡Guise a ese conejo! Perdón: sigue a ese conejo” (where artists such as Rébecca Dautremer, Ana Juan, Benjamín Lacombe or Emilio Urberuaga, among others, shall be dropped into the den with Alice and get into Wonderland), “Trae todo: tiempo, teorías, tuercas, tomates… ¡tomaremos té!”, “Jugaremos con extraños personajes ¿O los personajes harán un extraño juego?” and as an ending, there is an itinerary that goes through the evolution of the illustration focusing on John Tenniel drawings apart from explaining relevant information about the author and Alicia Liddell, the girl whom Carroll dedicated the book.

  • co-organizer