• Rafael López Espí

  • Adolfo Álvarez-Buylla

  • Carlos Pacheco

  • Salvador Larroca

  • Ángel Unzueta

  • David Baldeón

  • Rafa Sandoval

  • Enma Ríos

  • Victor Ibáñez

  • Ramón Rosanas

  • Paco Roca

  • Enrique Vegas

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11 MAR — 12 JUN 2016


Superheroes with Ñ: Spanish cartoonists who triumph in the United States shows the quiet, discreet and undisclosed work of a number of illustrators that, from our country, have achieved to move everyone around the planet with their cartoons turning the local creation into something worth world reference. This year, 47 authors and the biggest gathering of superheroes come together in our Museum.

Since the nineties, several generations of Spanish authors have collaborated with Marvel Comics and DC Comics, the two main publishing houses of the market about this topic. Icons such as Superman, Spider-Man, Batman, Wonder Woman, X-Men or Daredevil have been designed, illustrated or colored by these artists, which are still alive, but work for the United States of America and publish all around the world.

Superheroes with Ñ is the first exhibition to gather these visionaries. The exhibition is divided in a chronological and a generational leap under the name of five different headlines:

Los pioneros”, the first artists to enter the American market when there was still not a formal way to do so, “El gran desembarco”, artists in America during the mid-nineties, “Generación Laberinto”, artists who Publisher in Spain before doing so in America, “Representados, iconoclastas y outsiders” the newest artists to incorporate into the superhero topic through different courses, and “Al margen”, artists who do not form part of the topic of the topic per se, but have something to do with it. The exhibition includes original drawings by Rafael López Espí — for Ediciones Vértice, first editorial to publish Marvel’s superheroes in SpainCarlos Pacheco, Ramón F. Bachs, Miguel Ángel Sepúlveda, David Aja, Pepe Larraz, Enrique Vegas, or the unprecedented project of the famous Paco Roca he did a design of the Fantastic Four for Marvel Comics, although it was never edited—, among others. The show also displays a selection of the 15 must-have comics done by Spanish artists that everyone who is enthusiastic about this topic must read and five videos exclusively produced for the exhibition that show the process of making a cartoon and the role that artists have on it.