28 NOV 2017 — 27 JAN 2018


Water’s Memory has as a double objective: to make pause and think about water as a priceless but limited good and, also, to make us enjoy the beauty we can find in every drawing and every photograph exhibited.

Museo ABC has selected for this show in Espacio Molinos del Río-Caballerizas, in Murcia, almost 40 pieces from its collection, including some of the masters of Spanish Illustration as: Díaz Huertas, Goñi, Mingote or Xaudaró. As a complement, the exhibition includes a selection of photographs from the Archivo ABC (the newspaper’s archive).

«Water is a universal right», as declared by the United Nations in 2010. Its access and use is fundamental for the development of communities and it has been so since life appeared on the planet. Water is a right, but also carries associated duties: its optimal use, an adequate distribution and management. A sustainable and intelligent use in which people, companies and more economically developed countries are obliged to partake. This exhibition offers an aesthetic and emotional review of water: from a contemplative artist’s point of view of the drawings (sometimes lyrical, sometimes ironic), to the realist narration (beautiful and documentary) of press photos.