The elegance of the drawing

22 SEP — 22 OCT 2017


The Fundación Cajasol and Museo ABC de Dibujo e Ilustración de Madrid present the work of the artist Carlos Saénz de Tejada (Tánger, 1897-Madrid, 1958) with the exhibition La elegancia del dibujo. Crónica de París. Por Carlos Saénz de Tejada in Sala Murillo of Fundación Cajasol, Seville.

More than 80 years ago, these illustrations were published in the pages of Blanco y Negro magazine and ABC newspaper, and they dazzled, tempted and influenced in a generation of women who fought to define their role in the XXth Century society.

The ABC Collection guards 906 original drawings by Sáenz de Tejada, among which 775 are fashion illustrations. A selection of 127 drawings can be shown in this exhibition, all from the period of Tejada in Paris (1931 – 1936). As a front row witness of all the couture shows in Paris (Worth, Patou, Callot Sœurs, Heim, Hermès, Paquin o Rochas), Sáenz de Tejada took fast —but very detailed— notes that would become an illustrated chronicle for his ABC’s and Blanco y Negro’s publications. In most cases, accompanied by an article signed by Thérèse Clemenceau, French Prime Minister’s daughter. The arrival of the artist’s drawings to ABC and Blanco y Negro supposed for both publications to reach the same level as the most remarkable international magazines of the time.