• ¿Fantasía o realidad? El viajero desconocido, 1929

  • Portada, 1930

  • Perspectivas madrileñas. Oasis entre rascacielos, 1929


The essence of the line

01 MAR — 28 APR 2019


The Museo Francisco Sobrino de Guadalajara presents the exhibition Antonio Barbero. The essence of the line. This show, curated by the scriptwriter and theoretician Felipe Hernández Cava, is the first major retrospective on the artist Antonio Barbero Núñez (Guadalajara, 1889 – Madrid, 1962).

The Museo ABC has opened its archives to enable the creation of a representative selection of Antonio Barbero’s career. This cartoonist, painter, designer and, above all, a remarkable film critic, belonged to the so called ‘Otra Generación del 27’. The exhibition is entirely and exclusively formed by works from the Colección ABC. The curator selected 54 works from the 263 that the artist produced for Prensa Española (the newspaper ABC, the magazine Blanco y Negro, and the magazine for children Gente Menuda) from 1929 to the Spanish Civil War, during which Barbero promoted and directed a short Republican period of Blanco y Negro.


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