30 NOV 2018 — 03 MAR 2019


La muerte en Venecia, Seda and Los girasoles ciegos have become popular stories of our culture. They were originally written as novels and were best sellers of the Modern Literature. Some years later, famous European Directors adapted the scripts to film movies. And as a final turn of the screw, these stories are now edited by Edelvives and illustrated by Ángel Mateo Charris, Gianluigi Toccafondo and Rébecca Dautremer.

La muerte en Venecia (novel by Thomas Mann, movie by Luchino Visconti) is now illustrated by Ángel Mateo Charris.

Los girasoles ciegos (novel by Alberto Méndez/ movie by J. L. Cuerda) is now edited with illustrations by Gianluigi Toccafondo.

La obra Seda (novel Alessandro Baricco / movie by François Girard) is now edited with illustrations by Rébecca Dautremer.

The Museo ABC, in the exhibition Tres ilusiones ¡de cine!, reviews these stories and shows the illustrations made by the artists for these new editions.

Talk «A walk with Rébecca Dautremer» on December, 18th, 7 p. m.
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