28 MAR — 16 JUN 2019


The exhibition Yo-Tú. Javier Pagola en papel [Me-You. Javier Pagola on Paper] shows the graphic works of the artist Javier Pagola (San Sebastian, 1955). An author whose main creative weapon is drawing and who invites us to his world inhabited with strange characters.

The exhibition does not follow a chronological line. The goal is to penetrate the mind of an artist whose work is not controlled by space or time rules. Drawings and sketches are diplayed on tables, showing his dreams and nightmares in a messy order. A selection of his most recent works: 130 drawings of diverse subjects, 35 expressionist faces, 13 artist books, his own personal diaries and a video with an interview of Javier Pagola. Moreover, he has recreated his study in the rooms of the Museo ABC where he has worked finishing the most recent drawings of the exhibition.