• When the Moon Forgot, 1999

  • I Wish I Could Make a Wish, 2012

  • To Read Or Not To Read, That Is My Question, 2018

  • One More Day With You, 2010

  • It Was Not A Long Long Time Ago, 2012

  • The Starry Starry Night, 2009

  • Exhibition image. From: Thank You Furry Bunny,For a Wonderful Afternoon , 2006


The essential and the invisible

09 OCT 2019 — 09 FEB 2020


The essential and the invisible is an exhibition co-organized by the Museo ABC and the Taipei Economic and Cultural Office in Spain and Jimmy S.P.A. Plus Co., Ltd.

It is the first show of the original work of the illustrator Jimmy Liao (Taipei, 1958) in our country. He has written more than 60 books that have been published all around the world. Only in Taiwan and China he has sold more than 10 million copies.

In the exhibition we can visit the universe created by Jimmy Liao. He claims that illustrated books should not only be read by children, but also by adults. Thus, his work focuses on topics of general interest. With sensitivity and creativity he depicts beautiful stories about human feelings.

We are welcomed to the exhibition by his characters. Then we find the highlights of his most remarkable publications. After that we explore the main topics of his artworks (fear, loneliness and loss, but also a world of dreams and memories, to reach hope, affections and happiness). To finish the exhibition we can appreciate the scenarios and spaces in which his stories take place. A whole trip to the fantastic world imagined and created by Jimmy Liao. A world where reality is not always what is seen, and what is not seen can also exist.

Guided tour to the exhibition, brief speech and taiwanese tea tasting on December, 13th 5.30-7.30 p. m.  Free access, previous booking required.
From Friday 13th to Sunday 15th December Té Valle will have a corner in the Museum for buying and tasting tea.

Images: © by Jimmy Liao. Licensed by Jimmy S.P.A. Plus Co., Ltd.

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