• The Puerta del Sol with the metro access canopy designed by the architect Antonio Palacios, 1925. Archivo ABC

  • Antonio Palacios at his studio on calle de Cedaceros, with the building of the Círculo de Bellas Artes in the back, 1930. Archivo ABC

  • Aerial view of the Puerta del Sol-Red de San Luis axis along calle de la Montera (1919). La Huella de Metro Project. Archivo Metro

  • Estación de Sol, line 1 sectioned (1919) cast with photograph of 1923. [Author Otto Wunderlich, IPCE File]

  • Exhibition image. Estación de Sol, line 1 sectioned (1919) cast with photograph of 1923. [Author Otto Wunderlich, IPCE File]

The trace of “Metro” [Madrid’s subway]

A look back to the origins

17 OCT — 08 DEC 2019


The exhibition presented at the Museo ABC is a collaboration of Metro de Madrid and the Newspaper ABC who have gathered to celebrate the centennial of the subway.

The Trace of “Metro” is an ambitious research project whose aim is the recovery of its historical heritage, a selection of documentation and models accompanied by fantastic photographs from the Archivo ABC.

As José María Otamendi, one of the founders of the company, considered in 1919, Madrid was to become “The City of the Metropolitan”. The appearance of the subway meant a great boost for the development of the city, as it was transformed into a metropolis.

This exhibition rescues the figure of Antonio Palacios (the architect responsible of the subway) and the trace he left in the city of Madrid.

In this process of visualizing the city and its subsoil, the applications of drawings are key, not only as a way to represent reality in the past but also as a powerful instrument for research and dissemination of heritage, in digital 2D and 3D illustrations.

This exhibition is a look back at the origins of Metro in Madrid to testify how both, the underground railway network and the city, grew and developed together under a reciprocal influence.

– guided tours on October 30, November 6 and November 13 at 6.30 p. m. Free access, previous booking required (917588379 / info_museo@abc.es). Groups of 15 people max.