Novels and dramas

27 FEB 2019 — 25 FEB 2020


At the Casa Museo Adolfo Lozano Sidro in Priego de Córdoba (Andalusia), in collaboration with Museo ABC, you can visit the exhibition Novels and dramas by Adolfo Lozano Sidro.

The show gathers 13 original illustrations from the Colección ABC that were published in novels and stories written for the Blanco y Negro magazine. This selection shows a subject that Lozano Sidro cultivated through his entire career: the social portrait. The visitor will surely value the fabulous line and style of the artist. Technically, these pieces conform a very interesting repertoire  from the point of view of their execution, allowing the public to observe his mastery with the pencil, the use of limited colours and the taste for academic portraits.

The exhibition will be open for a year, until the end of February 2020, at the Casa Museo of Adolfo Lozano Sidro, located in Priego de Córdoba. It is the house of the family Calvo Lozano, the walls that once witnessed the growth of the artist.

La sala Museo ABC [ABC Museum Room]

At the Museo Lozano Sidro de Priego in Córdoba you can visit the so-called ABC Museum Room. A space permanently dedicated to the exhibition of some selections of the Colección ABC ―since it holds more than 600 works of art of the Cordovan master as a legacy of his collaboration with the Spanish newspaper ABC and Blanco y Negro magazine from 1896 to 1935. Therefore, annual exhibitions are organized in the house that once was his home and studio: Museo Lozano Sidro.