22 OCT 2019 — 16 FEB 2020


The Museo Etnográfico de Castilla y León, located in Zamora, presents the exhibition Women Illustrators [Dibujantas. Pioneras de la ilustración]. It is a project of the Museo ABC that has travelled to Zamora thanks to the collaboration of ”la Caixa”.

Dibujantas is a title that refers to the acclaimed I Salón de Dibujantas that took place at the Lyceum Club Femenino in 1931, and it shows the works of the main female illustrators who collaborated with Blanco y Negro and ABC from 1891 to 1990’s. The result is a selection of 136 drawings by 40 illustrators (chosen from the 105 women artists who worked for these publications). It is a unique opportunity to discover part of the hidden treasures in the Colección ABC and to underline the role of women in Spanish Art.

Dibujantas aims, on the one hand, to shed light on the career and life of all the selected artists, showing their works to the public and being a starting point for future lines of research that may highlight their valuable contribution to the world of illustration. On the other hand, through the gaze of the illustrators, we appreciate the times they witnessed.

The exhibition is divided into four stages covering a century of Spanish illustration. It begins with a section that brings together those artists who “Opened the way” at the dawn of the 20th century. The second section shows the artists that in the twenties and thirties received the nickname of “The Moderns”. Then, we come across “The postwar”, during the fifties and sixties, and the exhibition concludes with a section dedicated to the illustrators of the “New Airs” who, from the seventies onwards, reflect a moment of great social and technical changes in Spain. Thus, the visitor will appreciate original drawings of artists as Mme. Gironella, Moaroussia Valero, Laura Albéniz, a.t.c. (Ángeles Torner Cervera), Piti Bartolozzi, Marga Gil Roësset, Maruja Mallo, Delhy Tejero (born in Zamora), Viera Sparza, Ana María Badell, Coti (Lucrecia Feduchi), Adriana Exeni or Mar Ferrero, among others.