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Museo ABC de Dibujo e Ilustración is a building with history. It is located in Amaniel street, one step away from Conde Duque Center, in a building that in 1891 would be the first Mahou beer factory in Madrid. It was designed by José López Salaberry, an architect who was intensely and extensively linked to the new city planning of Madrid in the beginning of the 20th century. Salaberry moved La Cibeles fountain to its current location, collaborated in the design of Gran Vía street and created the Casino building and the facade of the building that ABC and Blanco y Negro would occupy in Serrano street for decades. Fundación Colección ABC commissioned the architects Aranguren & Gallegos the adaptation of this unique space to the needs of the new art center. The result is a project that not only renovates the space for its new use, but also beautifies the urban setting by providing the city with an innovative building that respects its original architecture. Consequently, Museo ABC forms part of the city’s historical essence and it is in direct relation with the neighborhood, so that since its beginnings, it is thought as a center which is dynamic, open to society and in charge of disseminating and preserving its art treasures.

The Museum has an area of over 3,800mused for the development of the activities. It is distributed in six floors, two of which are underground. It has: two large Exhibition Halls, Multifunctional Halls, a floor for offices, the Storage Room of the ABC Collection, a Restoration Workshop, a Warehouse, a Glass Room for events and the Bookstore Espacio Edelvives. In short, whatever is necessary for a Museum of these features. It has followed the most innovative architectonical, artistic and museological techniques, where obtaining the best technical and conservation conditions to preserve the works of art and a flexible space in order for it to be able to adapt to the rich program of events we offer has been a priority.


Soledad Luca de Tena García-Conde

Vice President I
Gonzalo Soto Aguirre

Vice President II
Enrique de Ybarra e Ybarra

Honorary Trustees
Ayuntamiento de Madrid
Comunidad de Madrid

Miguel Antoñanzas Alvear
José María de Areilza Carvajal
Fernando Azaola Arteche
Santiago Bergareche Busquet
Jesús Cano Vázquez
Elena Cué Castanedo
Carlos Delclaux Zulueta
Luis Enríquez Nistal
Ignacio Eyries García de Vinuesa
Juan Carlos Guerra Zunzunegui
Bernardo Hernández González
José Lladó Fernández-Urrutia
Catalina Luca de Tena García-Conde
Javier Molina Montes
Bieito Rubido Ramonde
Juan Várez Benegas
Ignacio Ybarra Aznar
Santiago de Ybarra y Churruca

Enrique Blanco Gómez

Vice Secretary
Amparo González Molinuevo

Inmaculada Corcho Gómez

Museo ABC Staff
Jimena Aguirre Araújo
Coral González Ruano
Tamara Cupeiro Rodríguez
Ana Sánchez Cachafeiro
Marta López Royano