Ramón Gómez de la Serna (Madrid, 1888 – Buenos Aires, 1963) was the creator of a new literary genre named by himself as greguería, which was defined like a mathematical equation of «humor + metaphor», this genre was consider as his «universal password» in allusion of every to the most well-known and read aspect of his extensive and varied work. As the envés and beam of every page, are the humor drawings «made from the pen of the writer» for accompany them for explain, as Ramon accentuate.

A significative amount of those draws- three hunded and fourteen- are being preserved in the ABC Museum, the most important achive in our country for graphical illustration, related with the periodical press, collected now in the book Coleccion ABC. Greguerias Ilustradas. Ramon Gómez De la Serna is a really carefull edition.

This set of texts and draws belongs to the series named as Cifras de Paris, Cifras de Alemania, Cifras de ahora, Greguerias Ilustradas y Greguerias, published in the prestigious Blanco y Negro Magazine between 1930 and 1935, and they are an indispensable source for know the literary value of this genre, and the graphical character which Ramon saw his humoristic view of the life and things.

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    Inmaculada Corcho y Eduardo Alaminos López

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