The endless line

Lorenzo Goñi (Jaen, 1911 – Lausanne, Switzerland, 1992) was one of the most remarkable illustrators of the second half of the XXth century. In his long career he made thousands of drawings —for books, newspapers and magazines— that is why the title of the book refers to its endless, inexhaustible and tireless work. After the Spanish Civil War he collaborated in many publications as El Español, La Estafeta Literaria, PuebloLa Codorniz… but especially in ABC and Blanco y Negro where he published 2,000 illustrations. These works made him a popular artist in Spain, as he became one of the hallmarks of ABC and Blanco y Negro.

This monography edited by Museo ABC is the thoroughest study ever written about his life and work. It is divided into two books: the first volume is an essay about his biography and career; and the second volume is focused on his collaboration with ABC and Blanco y Negro, where he reached the top of his artistic career.
The author, Víctor Zarza, is a professor in Fine Arts at the Universidad Complutense de Madrid, art critic and curator.

Volume 1: Lorenzo Goñi. La línea inagotable. Biografía y obra
Volume 2: Lorenzo Goñi. La línea inagotable. En la Colección ABC

 Book Presentation: November 14th, 7 p.m.
Speakers: Víctor Zarza (author), Inés Goñi (President of Fundación Lorenzo Goñi and the artist’s daughter), Carla Berrocal, Fernando Vicente and Juan Berrio (illustrators).
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    Víctor Zarza


    Cano Estudio

  • VOLUME 1

    Lorenzo Goñi. La línea inagotable. Biografía y obra

  • VOLUME 2

    Lorenzo Goñi. La línea inagotable. En la Colección ABC


    Volume 1 (192 pages); Volume 2 (312 pages)

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    24 x 16,5 cm




    15 € one volume / 25 € a case with two volumes

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    Vol. 1 (978-84-949360-0-5); Vol. 2 (978-84-949360-1-2)

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