Dibujantas. 2nd Edition

Women Illustrators

The catalogue entitled Dibujantas. Pioneras de la ilustración is more than a publication edited to accompany the exhibition, it is the result of a research work carried out over two years by the curators Marta González and Josefina Alix.

A long list of women artists has been discovered in the Museum’s Collection: 105 female illustrators have been identified to have worked in the magazine Blanco y Negro and the newspaper ABC, and 41 have been selected for the catalogue. The main goal of the book was to include a thorough study of their biographies. The curators have traced the trajectory and life of all the selected artists to show their works to the public and to serve as a starting point for future studies that complete the history of illustration. In addition, the historical context of the artists (from 1891 to the 1990’s) is narrated in the essays by Mercedes Replinger (professor at the Faculty of Fine Arts of the Complutense University in Madrid) and Ángeles Caso (writer, journalist and editor).

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    Museo ABC


    Marta González, Josefina Alix, Mercedes Replinger and Ángeles Caso


    Cano Estudio




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