19 DEC 2019 — 01 MAR 2020


Laramascoto is the collective formed in 2007 by the artists Santi Lara (Tomelloso, 1975) and Bea Coto (Gijón, 1977). Their project combines elements of the world of manual graphics with new technologies, presenting a work involving many different elements: digital animation pieces, installations, 3D laser prints simulating fossils… The element that brings everything together is the art of drawing (under an absolutely contemporary and interdisciplinary perspective). Illustration is the basis of their particular universe.

For the 18th edition of Conexiones, Laramascoto has conceived an imaginary world on the edge of science fiction, where prehistoric elements such as totem, sacred sites, lithic tools or rocks are presented under the active influence of current applied sciences. While, on the contrary, the inert vestiges of an already very distant time, such as fossils, meteorites or the geological strata of past eras, reveal unexpected remains of developed civilizations.

In his essay, the curator Óscar Alonso Molina describes the creative process of the artistic couple in a text entitled Remembering the future with Laramascoto, which refers to the oxymoron of the title of the book 10011 Arqueología futura. The catalogue includes detailed notes by the artists explaining each piece of the project. All the works have been created specifically for the exhibition of the Museo ABC: a drawing installation with projections entitled Terráneos, fossils engraved in laser on slate, the video A good start and four large format drawings of silver ink and pencil on black paper entitled Geomórficas I-IV. The careful editing of the publication has permitted reproducing all the works with their monochrome tones plus their shades in silver or the blue of the seas projected. As in every Conexiones project, the artists have chosen pieces from the Colección Banco Santander (two gouaches by Pablo Palazuelo) and the Museo ABC (an illustration by Enrique Climent) as a starting point to develop their work, to create their particular universe and reveal those unexpected relationships included in the title of the program.


    Museo ABC

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    Óscar Alonso Molina and Laramascoto


    Cano Estudio





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    24.5 x 16 cm


    15 euros

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