• Avería graves, Luis Palao, 1898. Museo ABC

  • _ir_, Juan López, 2014

  • Paisaje con ruinas, Lluis Rigalt, 1848, Colección Banco Santander

  • _ _ True_e, Juan López, 2014

  • (Im)possible intervention 6, Juan López, 2014

  • (im)possible intervention 8, Juan López, 2014

  • The exhibition


Grave Ruins

23 JUN — 07 SEP 2014


The fourth edition of the program Conexiones presents the show Grave Ruins by Juan López.

Conexiones offers young artists the opportunity to produce an exhibition in the Museo ABC. They face the challenge to reveal the connections between two artworks that belong to the collections Colección Banco Santander and Colección ABC and create a personal project with their own drawings.

Juan López (Cantabria, 1979) redesigns the exhibition space by using a trompe-l’œil technique, «melting» the walls, raising the floors and altering the structure of the building… The exhibition metaphorically describes the effects of an hypothetical cannon shot that crosses the room and impacts inside, changing the appearance of the room and the perception that the visitor has of the traditional museum halls. The project is based on the connection between Averías graves (1898) by Luis Palao from Colección ABC and Paisaje con ruinas (1848) by Lluís Rigalt from Colección Banco Santander.

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