02 DEC 2014 — 01 MAR 2015


Using as a starting point two works of art that belong to the collections Colección Banco Santander and Colección ABC, our program Conexiones offer drawing artists to carry out an exhibition in our Museum. They face the challenge based on their choice and with absolute creative freedom to reveal the connections that give name to the project.

Serzo develops his craft-work in such ambitious cycles that it sometimes takes years to finish them. The title of the latest series of the artist is Ensayos para una gran obra (Rehearsal For A Great Play); it has been designed based on the invitation to participate in this project. It is starred, again, by Blinky Rotred, alter ego of the artist himself, along with his daughter Maya (in fiction and in real life), whom we have seen in many other works of the artist. Serzo’s allegoric potential force of his work shows up because of the vague boundaries he has between the real and the imagined, the desired, the feared or the dreamt. In these drawings we see father and daughter engaged in various actions and stories while they sketch prototypes to improve the world. In the will to build a common fix space, the effort of the adult will bring out ideas and strength out of the crystalline gaze and out of the innocence of the child.

José Luis Serzo (Albacete, 1977), is a multidisciplinary artist known by critics for his “tale-exhibitions”. Serzo work has been exhibited in galleries such as Kir Royal Gallery (Valencia), Galería Siboney (Santander), Galería MCO (Oporto), Blanca Soto Arte (Madrid) or Galería Sicart (Barcelona). His work has been seen in exhibitions such as ARCO, Estampa or JUSTMAD (all in Madrid), PINTA (London and New York), SCOPE (Miami) or ART BEIJING (Peking). He has also exhibited in museums like Kunstbunker Tumulka (Munich), Slaughterhouse (Madrid), Museum of Albacete, Freies Museum (Berlin), Sangsangmadang (Seoul), Centro Cultural Conde Duque (Madrid), Kursaal (San Sebastián) or Instituto Cervantes of Chicago, among others.

The career path of the author has been awarded: First Prize of Plastic Arts City in Albacete (2009), First Prize in the Fundación Valparaíso Painting awards (2000) or Second Prize in the Fundación Centenera Jaraba Drawing awards (2009).

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