10 FEB — 14 JUN 2015


Narciso Méndez Bringa (Madrid, 1866-1933) is one of the most recognized names in the history of graphic illustration in Spain. His style is characterized by having a solid painting base and by defining the forms in a very precise way. We can say that Narciso Méndez Bringa was capable to draw everything.

The exhibition, focused on his work for Blanco y Negro magazine, is divided in four thematic blocks: Style: the evolution of his style from an almost photographic realism to the dominance of the line and its use as a graphic resource —close to the modality which is now called “clear line”. Chronicler of his time: his work reflects aspects of everyday life in Spain, from the Regency period until the early years of the Second Republic. Multifaceted illustrator: with great skill he is able to do stamps about any historical period. Women: The term “Méndez Bringa women” became popular for years referring to a specific type of young, beautiful and refined brunette woman; the model must have been her daughter who died at an early age.

For this exhibition we have gathered nearly two hundred original illustrations, plus sketches, notes, copies of magazines, postcards, photographs and different documents. Most of the work comes from the funds of Museo ABC, but there is also material borrowed from institutions (Complutense University of Madrid or ABC Archive) and by individuals (Rafael Merino de Cos, Begoña Summers de Aguinaga or the collection Colección JANO).