13—31 MAY 2015


The exhibition Little Red Hot Riding Hood intends to pay homage to one of the most fascinating and controversial characters of the history of literature. For that purpose, the sample was divided into four distinct sections that allow us to travel from the present to the past and, at the same time, to go over the different meanings of the story and its protagonist.

In the first part, What big readings you have!, we will find original drawings by Ana Juan, Emilio Urberuaga, Patricia Metola, Iban Barrenetxea, Claudia Ranucci, Rafa Vivas, Liesbet Slegers or Javier Zabala, among others. The second section, The better to imagine you with, samples the original illustrations by Mar Ferrero, Julio A. Blasco and Miguel Tanco belonging to books Lo que no vio Caperucita Roja (What Little Red Riding Hood Did Not Saw), La ladrona de sellos (The Stamp Thief), and Little Red Riding Hood, respectively (published by Edelvives). The third part, the one with the most classical view, The better to remember you with, shows us reproductions of Gustave Doré, Fortuné Méaulle, August Macke and Walter Crane, among others. Finally, Snip, snap, snout, this tale’s not told out, Different illustrators offer unique views on the character and her story.

In a display cabinet, drawings of Little Red Riding Hoods, from the funds of the Museo ABC, are exposed. On the Spanish newspaper ABC and on the Blanco y Negro magazine, Little Red Riding Hoods that were part of serialized novels, followed the news of Madrid’s cultural guide or appeared on the front page of the paper, have been illustrated. The selected drawings dating from 1903 to 1959 are artworks of great artists from the Collection, like the coloristic Máximo Ramos (Galician anarchist known for its rich and bold palette), Joaquín Valverde (teacher, painter and member of the Royal Academy Of Fine Arts Of San Fernando), Narciso Méndez Bringa (whose retrospective occupies the Cube Room of the Museum), Fernando Fresno (prolific caricaturist of politicians, soldiers, writers and, especially, actors and actresses to accompany the reviews of theater) and Ana María García Badell (painter and wife of the architect Miguel Fisac).