20 MAY — 30 AUG 2015


From the program Conexiones, artists linked to the drawing are invited to develop a specific work for the museum taking as its starting point two works chosen from the funds of the collections Colección Banco Santander and Colección ABC. They face the challenge based on their choice and with absolute creative freedom to reveal the unexpected connections that give name to the project.

On this occasion, Simon Zabell (Málaga, 1970) is the main character; he has developed a project that has as a starting point the question: “What is the meaning of the drawing?” —both in production and work method. Therefore, this discipline will be the starting point and goal of the exhibition. In between, the viewer will attend the successive changes undergone by the traditional graphic element (line) to become paint (color), sculpture (volume) and installation (full occupancy of space).

In Drawing And Translation we can see the oil painting of Guillermo Pérez Villalta, El ámbito del pensamiento (1989) from the collection Colección Banco Santander, next to the sketch of this piece, which has lent the artist himself. Sketch and painting coexist with multiple tributes of the same title that Simon Zabell has made for both works on paper, sculptures and light installations, and are complemented by a series of drawings of the collection Colección ABC that were used for making the covers of the Blanco y Negro magazine. This selection comprises a game between drawing, painting and light, which are the main elements in the work of Zabell.

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