• Manuel Antonio Domínguez, Correspondencia 20, 2014

  • Javier Calleja, I hate red, 2014

  • Exposición en el Museo ABC

  • Exposición en el Museo ABC

  • Agustín Bayón, los siete pecados capitales

  • Ana Soler, Ciega, Sorda, Muda

  • Imagen de exposición con dibujo de Javier Calleja, Then, you should, 2014



17 SEP — 22 NOV 2015


The exhibition Dibujo expandido includes a selection of drawings from the DKV Collection. The company started the collection with a twofold purpose: on one hand, to promote the graphic designs of young solid-track record artists and, on the other hand, to publicize the commitment of DKV Medical Insurance to Contemporary Art.

The exhibition includes artwork by the artists Joel Mestre, Regina de Miguel, Ana Soler, José Miguel Pereñíguez, Javier Arce, Carolina Silva, Agustín Bayón, Gema Ramos, Olimpia Velasco, Paco Guillén, Saelia Aparicio, José Medina Galeote, Rosana Antolí, Vicente Perpiñá, Juan Olivares, Javier Calleja and Manuel Antonio Domínguez. Dibujo Expandido is set out as an open speech, in where different definitions and functions of the drawings are addressed: sketch peparation for an artwork, representation map, sketch and trial, thoughts and abstract ideas, the drawing as an artwork itself… Beyond different approaches and styles, the show remarks the importance of drawings nowadays, which lies in its extreme simplicity. Facing all this, the Curator’s speech defends the resistance and the fascinating attractiveness of drawings.