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  • Elena Alonso, Columna I

  • Elena Alonso, Columna II

  • Giovanni Battista Piranesi. Parere Su L’arquitectura, 1765. Colección Banco Santander

  • Juan Luis López Sánchez. La Encerrada.1933. Museo ABC

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  • Exhibition Space

  • Exhibition Space

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Elena Alonso


04 DEC 2015 — 28 FEB 2016


Using as a starting point two works of art that belong to the collections Colección Banco Santander and Colección ABC, our program Conexiones offer drawing artists to carry out an exhibition in our Museum. They face the challenge based on their choice and with absolute creative freedom to reveal the connections that give name to the project.

In Elena Alonso’s artwork (Madrid, 1981), the drawing relates to other disciplines such as architecture or design, with particular emphasis to the problems related to the emotional nature of the environment. Like in past editions, the work that is showed is unprecedented and is created based on two selected art works that belong to those, said before, collections. The starting point was a fine engraving called Pareresull’Architettura made by Giovanni Battista Piranesi in 1765, which was recently incorporated into the Colección Banco Santander and the paint La encerrada made by José Luis López Sánchez in 1933 from the Colección ABC. The paint was published in Diario ABC illustrating a namesake poem of Rafael Alberti.

Her artwork spreads out through the room’s walls of our Museum as architectural decorative elements creating a world of rhythms and emptiness.

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