LOZANO SIDRO ―In Priego de Córdoba

04 MAR — 28 FEB 2016


At the Museo Lozano Sidro de Priego in Córdoba you can visit the so-called ABC Museum Room. A space permanently dedicated to the exhibition of some selections of the Colección ABC ―since it holds more than 600 works of art of the Cordovan master as a legacy of his collaboration with the Spanish newspaper ABC and Blanco y Negro magazine from 1896 to 1935. Therefore, annual exhibitions are organized in the house that once was his home and studio: Museo Lozano Sidro.

Last year we presented a selection of his works of Asian style in the exhibition Dibujando Oriente (Drawing East) and since March 2016 you can see El Amo del Simún ―novel written by Jean d’Agraives and illustrated by Adolfo Lozano Sidro and serialised in Blanco y Negro magazine between 1926 and 1927. El Amo del Simún is a chivalric novel that has all the ingredients to put the reader on edge weekly: the love between a nobleman and a commoner girl, the fight between Christians and Muslims, the naval battles against pirates, the misadventures to keep intact his honor and loyalty to King Louis XIV… The novel is beautifully illustrated by Lozano Sidro, the 20’s make up the time of mature and most success of the Cordovan painter; his imagination and hand frees from the earthly reality by evoking distant worlds like the one of the corsairs of the 17th century.