• Cebra picuda

  • Gallina Churra

  • Leopardo avicultor

  • Camaleón malcarado



27 MAY — 06 NOV 2016


It is said that reality overcomes fiction, but, what happens when art breaks the limits of fiction itself? In this indomitable frontier, Xan López Domínguez’s creatures are born.

In this exhibition we have made a selection of drawings of five characters created by Xan López Domínguez for his books: El camaleón malcarado, La gallina Churra, La noche del Marramiáu and Los sueños de la jirafa. They will serve as an excuse to delve into the fantastic and anarchic Xan’s world: his work process, the sources that inspire him, his biographical notes and his creatures (because each of them, as an independent being, has built its own history).

The artwork exhibition is accompanied by a documentation space where the visitants can dig into the artist’s career. The first section shows two peculiarities of his work: on the one hand, the use of black and the reversing of light, and, on the other hand, the work with colorless lines. The end of the show rescues a very personal work of his career: his involvement in the publication of Xofre, the first Galician fanzine –low distribution magazine made by amateurs with few resources.

Xan López Domínguez (Lugo, 1957) is a writer, designer and illustrator of children’s literature. He has written more than thirty books and illustrated more than three hundred, including: La gallina Churra (Edelvives, 2012) and El camaleón malcarado (Edelvives, 2015). He has worked for decades in advertising campaigns and encouraging reading, and his career has been recognized with the award of Bologna Children’s Book Fair, the Biennial of Illustration Bratislava and nominations for the Astrid Lindgren and Hans Christian Andersen awards. In addition, his graphic artwork has been exhibited in Bologna, Tokyo, Lisbon, London and Munich.