Javier Sáez Castán


15 DEC 2016 — 26 MAR 2017


The real prodigy of this show is Javier Sáez Castán himself, a real pink monster of the Edition in Spanish. Born in Huesca (Saragossa) in 1964, he lives in Alicante and travels all around the world, for example after being awarded with the FILIJ (Best Illustrated Book) in Mexico 2004, or with the Honorable Mention of the Latin American Children’s Literature Prize of Fundación SM 2008 or the National Illustration Prize 2016.

Raise the curtain of this exhibition hall! Hop on the car of the poster he made for Ilustrísima (the annual drawing and illustration market of Museo ABC) and keep your eyes open to enjoy the 50 drawings, oils on board or on aluminum, sketches, books and extraordinary witticisms that form this exhibition. The prodigy: in these days when nothing seems to surprise us, some drawings move us because they seem to come from the box of pencils we kept in secret when we were kids expecting to open them as we got older. These drawings are written with a mysterious crypt that very few can decode.

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