• Key Vision. Exhibition image

  • Emilio Urberuaga. Los músicos de Bremen

  • Jacobo Muñiz. Pedro y el lobo

  • Javier Zabala. El gato con botas

  • Valeria Gallo. El traje nuevo del emperador


27 APR — 09 JUL 2017


One of the most important neuroscience discoveries has been to verify the importance of stories in our development as humans. Lisa Cron, an expert in thefield, affirms that we think in stories, therefore we glimpse the future. The fact is that this also allows us to understan the past and the present.

The exhibition is structured by the elements that conform any story. This way it is possible to observe, through different perspectives, how a tale changes according to the personality of the character or the antagonist, the relevance of the scenario, the different ways of conflict and endings. There are 32 artworks, 21 of them are original drawings and 11 high-quality reproductions. They all belong to contemporary illustrators of the Colorín Colorado collection, published by Edelvives.

Exhibited artists and works: Laura Barella, Juan y las habichuelas mágicas; Mariona Cabassa, Epaminondas; Miguel Ángel Díez, La lechera; Valeria Gallo, El traje nuevo del emperador; Patricia Metola, Hansel y Gretel; Lucie Müllerová, Garbancito; Jacobo Muñiz, Pedro y el lobo; María Jesús Santos, El enano saltarín; Adolfo Serra, Juan sin miedo; Miguel Tanco, Caperucita roja; Dani Torrent, El sastrecillo valiente; Emilio Urberuaga, Los músicos de Bremen; María Wernicke, El flautista de Hamelín y Javier Zabala, El gato con botas.