09—10 MAR 2018 / 16—17 MAR 2018 /


The Museo ABC starts a new programme of seminaries with well-known teachers of the contemporary illustration. Seminaries will take place during one or two weekends (there are two modalities of 10 or 20 hours) at the Museo ABC and they are aimed to design and illustration professionals or to amateurs with a basic knowledge of drawing. The first one was taught by Javier Sáez Castán and the second one by Raúl (Raúl Fernández).

Draftsman and illustrator Raúl will develop a workshop in which he will analyze his work in the Spanish press over the last thirty years. He will be approach in a practical way the skills needed to illustrate in-depth articles, specially of Opinion and Culture.

Raúl will show different decorative solutions useful in the daily search of a visual metaphore to enrich the text from which it emerges.