17 NOV 2017 — 04 MAR 2018


Benjamin Lacombe  (Paris, 1982)  shows an artistic interpretation of Carmen based on the novel by Prosper Mérimée.

Benjamin Lacombe is the new discovery of current illustration for books for children. He is a young  author who edited his first book when he was 19 and, since then, he has surprised us nearly every Christmas with a new book published by Edelvives. In the last years he has amazed us with his versions of Madama Butterfly, Marie Antoinette (illustrating the court of Louis XVI with elegance and sarcasm) or Frida and he is now presenting Carmen. Benjamin Lacombe is putting his pencils and brushes at the service of music in the most Spanish of operas: Carmen.

The exhibition presented in the Museo ABC is divided in three sections which correspond to the first three chapters of Mérimée’s work. The 23 original illustrations on display analyze the narrative story. Gouache, oil and Chinese ink are the chosen techniques to explore Carmen from a graphic and metaphoric symbolism. It is a tribute to Spanish tenebrism. Lacombe uses the expressiveness of black to create intense and disturbing atmospheres. The exhibition is completed with 11 sketches, a bust of the main character and a big paper mantelet, everything designed and made by Benjamin Lacombe.

The Saturdays’ Club program dedicates two Workshop-Visits to the exhibition for families with children from 6 to 12 years old. Saturdays 13.01.2018 / 24.02.2018 / 17 — 19 H