• Notebook of Mexico City by Alicia Faustino

  • Notebook of Manila by Nadja B. Gabinete

  • Notebook of Casablanca by Vincent Monnot

  • Notebook of Madrid by Alejandro González



13 JUL — 30 OCT 2017


Dibujamadrid is a project of the Museo ABC which was conceived in 2011, coordinated by the illustrator Enrique Flores, in which amateur artist meetings are organized with a dual purpose: theoretical (conference sessions with drawing masters on Fridays at the Museo ABC) and practical (weekend group outings to draw the city). The activity culminates with an exhibition that brings together a selection of works created by the illustrators and participants.

The 2015 version was entitled: Drawing the world and thanks to the collaboration with the AECID (Agencia Española de Cooperación Internacional para el Desarrollo), it was conducted across four different cities with local groups. The locations were Casablanca (Morocco), Mexico City (Mexico), Manila (Philippines) and Madrid (Spain).

This project was created to promote an ancient artistic and documentary compilation tradition: the travel notebook. In this way, it brings back a way of viewing the world based on active and curious contemplation. Travel notebooks are not merely pages to register sites, people and events; they are a way of understanding the very trip. Furthermore, Dibujamadrid promotes the use of drawing as a means of learning and entertainment, since travel notebooks are the result of a process of contemplation, understanding and discovery of the city and its citizens. The objective of this specific edition, in collaboration with the AECID, was for citizens of distinct continents to draw their cities so as to contact local artists and create bonds with an international community of illustrators. The guest professional illustrators guiding these sessions were: Puño, Raúl Arias, Antonia Santolaya, Enrique Flores, LPO, Alfredo and Jacobo Pérez-Enciso (Madrid); Mohamed Fariji (Morocco); Mark Lawrence Andres (Philippines); Enrique Sañudo Paredes (Mexico).