«Tebeos» 1917—1977

(comics and cartoon stories)

31 OCT 2017 — 16 MAR 2018


Through cartoons and bubbles we show the evolution of comic along the XXth Century. A historical overview to remember the adventures and characters that made laugh several  generations of children and that nowadays are key pieces in our culture and graphic heritage. From Pulgarcito and Mickey to El Capitán Trueno or Mortadelo y Filemón.

A selection of 300 works (180 original drawings and 120 magazines) are shown in this comic history. Their apparition, the consolidation as a literature genre, why children liked them (from the western adventures to love novels or heroes comic books) and what is a «tebeo».

Historietas del tebeo 1917-1977 is an exhibition about Spanish comics and strapbooks, and more specifically, about those published between 1917 and 1977. Why these dates? Because in 1917 began the magazine TBO and because in 1977 appears the magazine Totem, a comic for adults.

The exhibition is structured in three different sections. A chronology to locate the origin and progression of the industry.  The section «Géneros, personajes y autores» [«Genres, characters and authors»] to review the comic genres: humour, adventure, love books, comics for adults… The third part «Intimidades del tebeo» [«Intimacies of comic»] is a little study of the making up and the format of comics.


SATURDAY 18 NOV / SATURDAY 16 DEC / 5 — 7 p.m.  The program «El club de los sábados» (The Saturday’s Club) devotes two sessions entitled Viñetas y bocadillos [Cartoons and bubbles] (tour +art workshop) for families with children from 6 to 12 years old.


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