X, Y, Z

20 DEC 2018 — 19 MAR 2019


For the past seven years, Museo ABC and Fundación Banco Santander have supported Contemporary Art with the program Conexiones. Artists linked to drawings are invited to develop a specific project for the Museum revealing the connections between two works chosen from the funds of Colección Banco Santander and Colección ABC. They face the challenge —based on their choice and with absolute creative freedom— to reveal the connections that give name to the program.

Drawing is the key in the work of Ignacio Uriarte (Krefeld, 1972), Spanish Artist born in Germany. His style has been described as “Office Art” as it is made with the most common working tools (sheets of paper, copies, pens, typewriters…). These are used to reflect and think about repetition, monotony, routines and grunt work. Thus, the title of the exhibition refers to the axis of rotation and symmetry or the unknown quantity in an equation. In addition, the form of the letters X, Y, Z recalls the ideas hidden in his works by: parallelism, zigzag, fold, turn up, spigot, arrow…

The invited works in Conexiones XVI are the Gerardo Rueda, Pintura blanca (1970) [White Painting], from Colección Banco Santander, and Aguinaldos, by Mecachis (Eduardo Sáenz Hermúa), published in Blanco y Negro in 1894.