• Gabriel Pacheco. Pinocho 2. Illustration from the book: Las aventuras de Pinocho, by Carlos Collodi Nostra Ediciones, Mexico. 2016

  • Cecilia Rébora, Adiós arcoíris 1. Coedición Amaquemecan, Conaculta, 2015

  • Juan Carlos Palomino Macías, El robo del fuego. Coedición Conaculta, Ediciones Tecolote, 2013


Contemporary Mexican illustration for children

25 SEP 2018 — 06 JAN 2019


The Museo ABC presents Pintacuentos, contemporary Mexican Illustration for children a show that pretends to be a visual inventory of what is being done at this precise moment in the American country.

It gathers the work of the oldest and the youngest, four generations of illustrators born from the forties to the eighties of the XXth century. The goal is to remark the plurality of the offer, its quality, originality, the evolution of the professional scene and how their work has contributed to form new generations of readers.

The exhibition is home to 142 original drawings by 49 Mexican authors; and lots of books to be enjoyed and read by both, children and adults. The selection of works is the result of the rich Mexican legacy —from the «tlacuilos» or the popular art, to the engraving, painting, and the big illustrators of the XXth century—. It is a dynamic and fertile dialogue with other languages such as affiches, design, graffiti, toys, Street Art, cinema, cartoons or comic.