Women in the Colección ABC (1900-1936)

21 FEB — 26 MAY 2019


The Museum Carmen Thyssen Málaga presents ‘Modern and tempting’, an exhibition on the new vision of the woman in the illustration of the early years of the 20th century, a show formed  entirely by works of the Collection ABC.

The Museum ABC lends for this occasion more than thirty original drawings that are to be seen in the Noble Room of the Museum Carmen Thyssen Málaga. The exhibition relies on the support of Caser Seguros and of Estepona’s Town hall.

In the first decades of the 20th century, the illustrations of the weekly magazine Blanco y Negro and the ABC Newspaper, echo the image of a new woman, active, seductive, tempting, charming and modern who will break a traditional stereotype of the home-loving woman and create a social revolution.

These feminine conquests are assimilated in the graphic press where they spread this idea of a sophisticated woman, chic,  urbanite and with a touch of kindly perversity. Tempting, fashionist and who adopts new habits and roles like smoking, drinking, traveling or playing tennis.

Exquisite femmes fatales, flappers with their short skirts and hair, suffragettes or glamorous divas are part of the broad female repertoire displayed on covers and articles of ABC and Blanco y Negro.

These publications were illustrated by the best artists of the moment, like Pla, Xaudaró, Baldrich, Penagos, Sáenz de Tejada, Loygorri, Bartolozzi or Montenegro. Thirty original drawings from the Colección ABC that will conform the new ideal of the modern woman in Spain, previous to the Civil War. 

Curators: Inmaculada Corcho, director of the Museo ABC, and Lourdes Moreno, art director of the Museo Carmen Thyssen Málaga