• Laramascoto, Terráneos

  • Laramascoto, Terráneos

  • Laramascoto, Terráneos

  • Laramascoto, Geomórficas

  • Laramascoto, Fossils

  • Pablo Palazuelo, Panoplia I. Colección Banco Santander

  • Enrique Climent, Canción del Norte desde el centro. Museo ABC

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19 DEC 2019 — 08 MAR 2020


For the past eight years, Museo ABC and Fundación Banco Santander have supported Contemporary Art with the program Conexiones. Artists linked to drawing are invited to develop a specific project for the Museum revealing the connections between works chosen from the collections of Colección Banco Santander and Colección ABC. They face the challenge —based on their choice and with absolute creative freedom— to reveal the connections that give name to the program.

Laramascoto is the artistic couple formed in 2007 by Santi Lara (Tomelloso, Castilla-La Mancha, 1975) and Bea Coto (Gijón, Asturias, 1977). For their project, they have chosen from the Museo ABC a work of the illustrator Enrique Climent, which has breathed the sidereal inspiration that has finally prevailed throughout the process. Meanwhile, from the Colección Banco Santander they have chosen a couple of gouaches signed by Pablo Palazuelo, whose angular geometry refers them directly to the mineral world that the artists have used throughout the exhibition.

For the XVIII edition of Conexiones Laramascoto has conceived an imaginary universe on the edge of science fiction. Their work combines elements of the world of manual graphics with the new technologies, presenting an exhibition with many different elements: pieces of digital animation, expanded drawing installations, 3D laser prints simulating fossils… The element that brings everything together is the art of drawing (under an absolutely contemporary and interdisciplinary perspective). Illustration is the basis of their particular universe.